Protecting, Archiving, & Supporting Wisdom Traditions through Decentralization The Sacred Wisdom OnChain Project is a capstone project I’ve created to implement in the fall for my degree– in yoga studies. I get the irony here, but I wanted to share my academic proposal here on Mirror to begin a dialogue that has been surfacing almost […]

Originally published on my Substack in 2020. Over an extended coffee date with a dear friend recently, we meandered into the realm of politics, in the context of energy healing and the collective. We both work in those realms, she’s an energy healer, I sell energy healing tools. We were talking about the run up […]

Originally published on my substack in 2020. In most dystopian fiction, the overlords bend the population into submission by drugs, violence, fear or swoop into power after some landscape altering catastrophe or population-decimating contagion. In the real version, circa 2020, the population opens their hearts and minds to the algorithms they keep in their pockets […]