Episode #1 | Satya Colombo

Welcome to the first episode of Humanity, Technology & the Mystical with my dear friend and amazing human, Satya Colombo. We explore a variety of topics and stories in this episode including an emphasis on his spiritual journey, how to live in this modern matrix as both an authentic human and a spiritual being.

Interviewing Satya was a pure delight and an honor and I’m looking forward to future episodes where we explore the ups and downs of the digital nomadic lifestyle, the duality of being on a spiritual path while also working with modern technology and so much more. Satya has an amazing book coming out this fall about travel from a spiritual and soulful perspective and we dive into various passages and motivations for the book as well.

Introducing Satya Colombo

Satya has been teaching and coaching sensitive wild souls to find their truth and step into their creative power for over a decade. Dissatisfied with the status quo of mainstream American values and the corporate world, he sought refuge with a number of spiritual teachers from a young age. The quest led eventually to his guru in South India, where he experienced a profoundly transformative spiritual awakening at the foot of a holy mountain.

From that point on he stopped being a seeker and committed to his newfound purpose to live this life to the fullest, while being of service to others; a commitment which opened the doors to even more incredible adventures, from traveling the world as a digital nomad, to finding love in Central America, and most recently a home with his partner and their dog in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina.

Along the way he’s written a few books, became a certified healer, led transformational retreats, courses and sold-out masterclasses, learned how to play the ukulele, and perhaps most important of all: developed a good enough sense of humor to be able to enjoy this one precious life on Earth, through all the ups and downs. Satya can be reached through his website at satyacolombo.com.

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And just in case you’d like to watch the video, here’s the version recorded on Zoom. I forgot to use the gallery setting, so it flops in between speakers. Kicking the dust off this process here!