I'm Crystal. I'm an artist, advocate and academic exploring the intersections of Humanity, Technology & the Mystical. I'm a founding member of JournoDAO, a strategic advisor for Photure and an academic studying Tantra Yoga and Tibetan Buddhism. I focus on leveraging decentralization for artists, writers, journalists, activists and academics. I help them create autonomous, regenerative and sustainable ecosystems so they can thrive in our patriarchal economy. I'm cstreet.eth & desertrat on the interwebs. Click here for my CV.

Projects, Research & Art (aka my Dharma)

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Feel free to reach out using email or one of the icons below. I'm not currently taking on new strategic advising clients, but I do have a waiting list for those needing support in strategic web3 or DAO building. I do have sporadic one-time advising sessions available.


Thanks so much for reaching out! I'll be in touch as soon as I'm able! Have a fabulous day and please reach out on the Twitters.

Art & Academic CV

Awards, Scholarships, Fellowships & Grants

  • First in the nation at the College Photographers of the Year competition for still/audio production

  • First in the North Carolina Press Photographers Assoc. professional category for still/audio production

  • Honorable mention as assistant editor on group multimedia project for CPOY

  • Best of Photography Honorable Mention for Best Multimedia package, as assistant editor

  • Hearst Competition, 9th in the nation for photo essay on crime and poverty

  • Class of 1938 Fellow for Tibetan Exile Documentary Project

  • SURF Fellow for Tibetan Exile Documentary Project

  • Multiple journalism grants for international projects from UNC in 2006 & 2007

  • Athletic Scholarship for Division 1 Women's Soccer at Radford University from 1993-95

  • Marvin Naiman Academic Scholarship from Naropa University 2022-23

Exhibits & Collections

  • 2001 Dare County Arts Council Solo Exhibit

  • 2002 Commission for Private Collector in Corolla, N.C.

  • 2007 Curator & Exhibitor in Photojournalism Collection at UNC

  • 2008 Fine Art Commission for UNC Summer School

  • 2021 Balance Curated NFT Exhibit at ImNotArt Gallery in Chicago, IL, NFT sold for 1 ETH at auction.

  • 2022 Culture NFT Jam Exhibit at ETHDenver Culture Jam Curated NFT Exhibit curated & presented by IRL Art Gallery

  • 2022 A Perfect Day NFT Curated Exhibit at Super Chief Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Partial Client List

  • Whole Foods Market

  • Nissan North America

  • Oregon Public Broadcasting

  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

  • News & Observer

  • Outer Banks Press

  • Special Olympics

  • Junior Achievement/World Bank

  • Pizza Hut/ Martin Agency

  • And many more…

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My Story

I translate the human condition into powerful art that helps shift our perceptions of reality. I explore the beauty in chaos and have spent decades documenting the tiny nuances that make us human. My work reflects the visual metaphors which I see resting just below the surface of our human experience.I began working as a professional photojournalist in 1996 when I landed my first job as a staff photographer at New River Newspapers in rural Virginia. I also ran the Radford University darkroom in 1995/96 and spent hours in those dark, chemical laden caves. I began working with an SLR camera when I was ten (because my father thought it was a fad and wanted a camera he could play with- I rarely let him touch my precious camera.)I began freelancing for editorial outlets in 2000, dabbled in commercial and wedding work and returned to school in 2005 to study photojournalism. My time at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s School of Journalism and Mass Communications shaped the documentary artist whose work you are exploring or already support. My mentors are Pulitzer Prize winning photojournalists and leaders in community journalism and media agenda setting theories. I won multiple professional national awards for my work and won multiple fellowships and grants to explore my areas of interest. Documenting the cultural preservation of post-conflict diaspora and domestic income inequality were my core areas of focus for many years. I am currently focused on documenting the Unraveling of our democracy and archiving wisdom traditions to the blockchain.My journey after UNC took me to the commercial photography and video production industries as an independent photog/producer and my client list included Whole Foods Market (pre- Bezos), Nissan North America, Junior Achievement/World Bank Collab and a multitude of other national, regional and local clients. I loved my work, but the market collapsed after the Great Recession and the struggle to fund my documentary work was real and overwhelming. I became a digital nomad, traveled the world and worked from my laptop, focusing on content production, web building and comms consulting for my clients.In 2021, I returned to my roots as an artist and documentarian. I currently mint my art as NFTs on multiple blockchains and am pursuing graduate degrees in divinity and visual ethnography. I believe firmly in decentralization and the creator economy that is emerging from blockchain and I am forever grateful to have begun working on the technical side of this space in 2017.I'm a core builder in JournoDAO, a strategic advisor for Photure, an advisor for All for Climate DAO and a contributor to multiple impact DAOs.In 2021 I returned to academics full time to begin my journey towards completing graduate degrees in Yoga Studies and Tibetan Buddhism. In May 2023, I will graduate with an undergraduate degree in Yoga Studies and a 500RYT certification and will then shift into graduate work specializing in Tantric Yoga, Tibetan Buddhism and visual ethnography.